This series of ads was pitched to Big 10, to be published in Yankees Magazine.

Big 10 is more than just sports - to win the Medal of Honor, one must be a top student, as well as a top athlete. In this ad, we were asked to emphasize the multi-faceted nature of their Medal of Honor recipients.

Each year, many Big 10 athletes make it to the Olympics. This year, we were asked to show that the Big 10 will have a large presence in Rio, through the Olympic Champions it contributes to the competition.


Big Ten athletes do more than just earn titles to hang from the rafters - they are active participants in their communities, and are able to bring what they've learned from their sports to their everyday lives.

Agency: Weber Shandwick
Creative Director: Alex Manosalvas
Art Director: Adrian Mui
Copywriter: Burke Boggio-Hair