Without toys, kids will find a way to play with whatever is around them. Toys R Us is here to make sure they have something safe and fun to play with.

Created for the Chicago Portfolio School's Integrated Campaigns class.


The Day of Play

Playtime is an important part of growing up, but so is spending time with parents. With work and adult responsibilities, it can be difficult to make time for children. That's why, on the 4th Thursday of every June, Toys R Us will encourage parents to stay home and play with their children.

Day of Play Flyers

What fun is flyer if you can't play with? These flyers not only serve as a voucher for a percentage off a purchase, but also as origami animals that can be played with.

Day of Play Pinterest

With an entire free day of nothing but spending time with family, it can be hard to know what to do. Toys R Us can help provide ideas for any kind of family activity.

Art director: Adrian Mui

Copywriter: Kristen Manias